Egyptian competition

The National Contest for Typical Products, organized every two years, aims at:

  • Improving product quality to better meet consumer demand.
  • Showcasing and familiarizing consumers about typical food products and the production methods.
  • Marketing these products and facilitating market access, by identifying the best products.

The Egyptian Typical Food Products Contest is in line with the Egyptian Industrial Development Strategy orientations and the UNIDO contributions to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

The National Contest for Typical Products is a national event, covered by media and targeted to the public, bringing together consumers and producers over terroir products. Its ultimate aim is to generate income for farmers and/or operators dealing with production, processing or otherwise adding value to such products.

Given the globally growing interest of consumers for traditional products that are directly related to the origin/ territory, hence the term "terroir/Typical" there is an unutilized potential for Egyptian traditional food producers to differentiate their products in the market from generic and standardized ones.