Purpose and objectives 
of the International Competition Network


We believe that the organization of a National Competition for Terroir Products allows to establish a positive competition between different products of the same country by triggering the different regions and territories ‘participation. 

Thanks to this tool, the stakeholders responsible for value chains structuring and for promoting local products can enhance the know-how of local producers and bring them closer to consumers, while ensuring a continuous improvement in the quality of these products and facilitating their market access.

  • Positive competition among different products
  • Stimulating the participation of all regions
  • Adding value to the producers’ know-how
  • Linking producers and consumers
  • Guaranteeing a continuous quality improvement


The network aims to bring together actors from different countries involved in the implementation, organization and implementation of National Competitions for local products according to the procedural guide (Methodological Guide, UNIDO-IRF, 2016). The purpose of the network is to promote exchanges between different countries organizing a National Contest in order to ensure an improvement of the farmers’ and producers’ incomes.

The association's resources come mainly from the working hours invested by each member.