Cameroonian competition

The first edition of the Cameroon competition for local products took place at the Obala Agricultural Institute (IAO), from 15 to 16 February 2023.

The aim of this competition was to evaluate 514 local products selected by the approval committee, mainly in the following categories of:

  • Vegetable oils,
  • Fruit and vegetable processing,
  • Vegetable, starch and cereal derivatives,
  • Beers and wines,
  • Animal products.

During the entire competition, 185 jurors were present around 38 tasting tables, under the technical supervision of UNIDO experts.

More concretely, for this first edition, the main objective was to bring Cameroonians to discover local products and to consume them; because convinced that Cameroon has an enormous but unexploited potential and that the vast majority of Cameroonians do not consume what they produce; this event also constitutes without any doubt, one of the ways to take up the challenge of boosting the agropastoral value chain in Cameroon, and even in the sub-region.

As for the evaluation itself, it focused on the visual (appearance), the color of the product, the smell and the taste; each being rated from 1 to 5 pts (the total note being on 20 the total of the four being cumulated on 20); the best note benefiting from the gold medal (20 or 19pts), the second of silver (18pts), and the third (17 pts) received the bronze medal. The jury previously formed on this evaluation scheme was made up of 3 people per tasting table, namely a producer, a consumer, and an expert.

A protocol opening ceremony, presided over by the sub-prefect of the town of Obala, was held before the start of the tastings, and was attended by the representative of the Italian Ambassador, Mr. Michel Campioti, the UNIDO representative, Mr. Raymond Tavares, the FAO representative, Mr. Athman Mravili, the Director of the IAO, Mr. Nkoa Alima, and the representatives of MINADER and MINPMEESA.