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The National Regional Products Contest is an instrument aimed at:

  • Improving product quality to better meet consumer demand;
  • Showcasing and familiarizing people with the producers’ work;
  • Bolstering entrepreneurship in the competing sectors;
  • Promoting and communicating about local products and their regions;
  • Marketing these products and facilitating market access.

Therefore, if organizations supporting agri-food development in target countries make this contest part of a broad rural economic strategy, the National Regional Products Contest will prove an exceptional way to boost regions, both at the macro and micro-economic level.

Expected outcomes

For producers, participating in the national competition and possibly earning awards will provide the following benefits:

Improved quality (sensory, presentation, packaging, quality labels and certifications);
Heightened visibility (through the promotion afforded by the national competition and its market, but also by affixing medals to the package and labels of a medalwinning product);
Higher turnover.

For buyers (both national and international), a National Regional Products Contest is a way to identify award-winning products as being the very best, according to the contest’s jurys. Purchasing organizations can consider medal winners to be quality products or products of excellence (marketed differently depending on the medal received).

For consumers, media coverage and promotion of the National Contest and its outcomes help to identify the finest products on the market. Moreover, a market selling the products in competition, held at the same time as the National Contest, will familiarize consumers with existing products and provide access to quality local products coming from all regions of the country.

For the region and areas involved, a National Regional Products Contest is an opportunity for regions to locally promote medal-winning products, and to emphasize local producers’ know-how. This is essential for marketing origin-linked products, which are usually sold primarily in the region of origin.

For the standpoint of sector structuring, the National Regional Products Contest strengthens the existing links of a given value chain. Moreover, consumers can easily identify and are drawn to products bearing a medal, familiarizing them with products available on the market; this may encourage other producers also to compete and lead to improved structure and efficiency in the sector involved.