Create a competition

The National local food competition is composed of:

  1. Competition - tastings;
  2. Local products market and award ceremony.


These two components are part and parcel of the national competition and should be organized in connection with each other to make this event promoting origin-linked products as relevant as possible.
Concerning the competition itself, it occurs in 5 phases:


1. Registration

a) The registration form
b) Les categories
c) Communicating with producers
d) Receiving registration forms
e) The national competition database: CMT
f) Assigning numbers to producers
g) Assigning numbers to products

2. Product Approval

a) Verifying information and product composition
b) The Product Approval Commission
c) The confirmation letter to producers
d) The final list of products and producers
e) Forming batches

3. Receiving products

a) The national competition timeline
b) Receiving and storing products
c) Labelling to anonymize products
d) batch
e) Storage conditions and transferring products to the tasting venue

4. Tasting

a) The National Contest’s philosophy
b) Jury President-Coordinators
c) Jury member registration
d) Tasting tables
e) Jury member confidentiality rules
f) Jury training
g) National competition administrative staff
h) Logistics (venues, tables, documents, auxiliary storage)
i) Product preparation (team and procedure)
j) Tastings
k) Qualitative analyses of products

5. Medals and Excellence Awards

a) The medals
b) Excellence Awards
c) The medal ceremony

6. Local products market and side events

The aim of the national competition is to promote and raise visibility of medal-winning products. Its results must be extensively covered by the media and publicized, including by organising a local products market alongside the contest. This enables medalwinning producers to present their products and offer consumers the chance to taste or buy their products.

The local products market helps medal winners enjoy direct and immediate impacts in terms of sales, higher turnover, visibility, contact with potential customers and large buyers, and public recognition.